Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dealing with Sensitized Skin Conditions

Sensitive skin is genetic but sensitized skin is acquired due to bad habits and wrong choice of cosmetics. Skin is one of the largest and the most neglected organs of the body. All we care is only about the most obviously visible portions leaving out the rest of it at its own mercy. People have different kinds of skins including normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin. A lot of people have a combination skin too which is a mish mash of two types of skin. Care for sensitive skin is extremely essential as negligence on our part can make the condition even bad.


The biggest question is how to recognize the signs of such kind of skin condition. The major symptoms of sensitized skin are as follows:

The affected area of skin is of a thin texture rendering it almost translucent.

The skin of the cheek and forehead appear stretched and parched.

Presence of rough and uneven patches.

After washing the area with plain water, there is a feeling of itchiness accompanied by a stinging sensation.

Visibility of red vein like lines.

Breakout or rashes.

Persistent redness of the area.

How to take care?

The best way to take care of sensitized skin is to stay away from the products that irritate your skin and cause the skin to develop similar conditions.

Clean your skin on a regular basis. Follow a simple routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin. This will really help.

Apply facial fruit masks especially for the sensitive skin. Use rose water instead of plain water. Use as much herbal or ayurvedic products as possible. They contain natural ingredients and are great for the people with sensitive skin.

Using a moisturizer suitable for sensitive skin and a good quality UV protection lotion with a higher SPF can also bring in relief.

You have to be very careful while dealing with sensitized skin as further use of cosmetics or certain lifestyle related habits can worsen your condition. Consult a good dermatologist or a skin specialist to deal with such conditions of the skin. Do not try to experiment your skin as the results may not be as favorable as you would like them to be. Remember, though the condition appears to be very similar but there is a very subtle difference between sensitized and sensitive skin. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, use sensitive skin care products to avoid further skin problems.

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